Eton House


My name is Miss Fenner, and I am the Head of Eton House.  As your HOH, I am responsible for making sure that your experience here at Ditton Park Academy is an enjoyable one.  I look at how you transition into your new school environment, how you behave and how you make progress throughout the years.  I will have close contact with your guardian/parent and will help to shape you into bright and future citizens of this world.

We are aware that you are walking into a different school after a very different year at primary school. 

In September, you will enter a different world. Secondary school can be terrifying, and learning your way around a new school will take some time, but the teachers, staff and other students will always be there to help.

Everyone will be working together to ensure that you are able to grow and progress , and I, as your HOH,  will help you to learn that who your are will forever evolve, and the person you hope to become will be forged during your school years.

Miss Fenner -


Eton HOH

Eton House AM Contact Information

  AM Email
E1 Mrs O Fenn
E2 Mrs Patel
E3 Ms Roberts
E4 Ms Binnie
E5 Mr P Conlon
E6 Mr R Bromham
E7 Ms Shimmons

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Aksith Sathishkumar  
Zahra Khan  
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Shahzaib Khwaja
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Tanuj Bafana
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