Cultural Capital

Cultural capital (002)At DPA we strive to give every student access to the opportunities that they need to thrive, and one way we do this is through increasing their Cultural Capital.  Cultural Capital can be defined as ‘the essential knowledge, those standard reference points, that we want all children to have…’. This is enhanced through many different avenues- through our broad and rich curriculum, which sees students learning about a huge range of people, processes and places over their time here, through our extensive programme of trips and visits, and through our wide selection of clubs and societies.

To encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them both in and outside school, we are launching the Cultural Capital Award system.  Year 7 have completed a survey which has shown us the sheer number of activities they already take part in, and we wanted to recognise that as a school. This will initially be launched to year 7 but will soon be rolled out to the rest of the school.

Students will log their attendance at clubs and societies, both in school and out. By logging their participation, they will achieve points towards the SASH Awards. The overall winners at the end of the year will be taken on an exciting and exclusive Cultural Capital trip.

We are so excited to give students the rewards they deserve for all that they do outside of the classroom, and to get an insight into the skills and accomplishments of our students, while encouraging everyone to try something new.

Please do tell your child to look out for announcements about the Cultural Capital Award.


Cultural Capital Award