Applying to DPA Sixth Form

Please see the timeline below for the internal and external process of applying for Sixth form 2024:

Internal Students

Date Event
23 Nov 2023 Sixth Form Option Evening
23 Nov 2023 Sixth Form applications for DPA open, students must apply via Applicaa
16 Feb 2024 DPA Sixth Form Application Deadline
w/b 4 Mar 2024 Sixth Form Interviews
w/b 4 Mar 2024 Conditional Offers made to internal candidates
22 Aug 2024 GCSE Results Day & DPA Sixth Form Enrolment


External Students

Date Event
23 Nov 23 Sixth Form Option Evening
16 Feb 24  DPA Sixth Form Application Deadline
22 Aug 24 DPA Sixth Form Enrolment for External Students who applied by 16 Feb  2024 (2-3pm only)


Prospectus for entry September 2024

Sixth Form Prospectus - for entry September 2024


Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria for DPA Sixth Form is here


Applications to Ditton Park Sixth Form

How do I apply to the Sixth Form?

Visit the DPA website – sixth form – click on the application form tab

Complete application form electronically and submit it.

How do I find out about individual subjects?

On the Sixth Form DPA web page there is a tab that you can click on called Subjects. Each subject has its own page that can be accessed through the Welcome page:

What happens next?

You may be offered an interview. You will be emailed the date and time of the interview and it will take place online through the ApplicaA software.

What will I be asked?

You will be asked what qualifications you wish to study and why, about your future career aspirations and why you would like to come to DPA.

What happens if I am successful at interview?

You will be emailed a conditional acceptance. This means that you must gain the required grades and accept your place on results day via the Applica A software. If you have accepted the place on Results Day, you will receive a phone call to confirm that you have been accepted into DPA Sixth Form.

What happens if I forget to do this?

You may lose your place at DPA as classes will be filled with students who have accepted places and spaces will be offered to external students who have accepted or are on the waiting list. You MUST ACCEPT the conditional offer on results day.

Am I allowed to apply to more than one sixth form provider?

Yes, you can apply to as many as you like, but do remember all schools usually accept their internal students first. You might lose your place at DPA if you are waiting to hear back from another school on Results Day – especially if they do not ring external students till the day after Results Day.

Schools need to fill their places and cannot risk waiting for possible students when there are students keen to accept places. If we have not heard back from you, we might offer your place to a student on the waiting list in the afternoon of Results Day.

Do universities accept all A’ Levels and BTEC qualifications?

Universities will accept all the qualifications that we are offering at DPA. It depends on which degree or Foundation course you are applying for concerning which subjects and grades you need. Some specialist courses such as Medicine and Engineering require specific subjects being studied.

What is the difference between A’ Levels and Level 3 BTEC qualifications?

A Level 3 BTEC is equivalent to an A’ Level however there are only 4 grades awarded for this qualification: D*, Distinction, Merit and Pass. These are equivalent to: A*, A, C and E grades at A’ Level. The BTEC qualification will be mainly coursework assignments that examine a vocational context with some content in timed examinations.

The A’ Level will consist of two formal external examinations – depending on the A’ Level it might include 30% examination coursework. The A’ Level examinations will take place at the end of Year 13 – with the BTEC qualification any examinations might take place during the two-year course.

Providing assignments have been submitted on time, students may be allowed to re-submit work. Both are accepted at universities.

Are we allowed to study 4 A’ Levels?

For most students the answer will be no, because it spreads studies too thin. However, students may study Further Maths as a fourth A’ Level if they are taking A’ Level Mathematics and they have achieved an 8 at GCSE Mathematics.

Do all sixth form students have to attend registration AM each morning?

Yes. Students attend a 20-minute AM time in the morning where important topics are discussed and notices distributed. Students may attend online if they do not have a period one lesson.

At DPA students are put into Academic Mentoring groups (know as Tutorial or Form groups at other schools) and they will be comprised of Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students. This is known as Vertical Tutoring. This enables Year 12 to develop leadership skills as they support Year 11 students.

Do all sixth form students have to attend assemblies?

Yes, students are required to attend the assembly that takes place on Friday at 8.40am.

Is there a dress code for Sixth Form students?

Yes, smart business clothes – suit for boys with shirt and tie, and skirt / trouser and blazer with blouse for girls. No trainers are allowed. See the dress code on the DPA Sixth Form page.

Can a student change their A’ Level of BTEC?

Only following discussion with Ms Nagra and completion of a Change of Course Form, and only by the cut-off date for switching.

Until final approval for the change is given, the student must continue to attend lessons for which they are enrolled. Students should attend a ‘taster’ lesson for the subject they wish to swap to thereby ensuring that this is right choice.

Can a student reduce their A’ Levels to two?

No, it is a requirement that all students study for three A2 subjects, which can be A’ Level or Level Three BTEC qualifications. A student will not be permitted to drop a subject thereby only studying two qualifications.

Who pays for the examinations?

Students who are enrolled for a course will be entered for the appropriate examinations as long as the department recommends entry.

Entry for GCSE Mathematics and English below level 4 are paid for by the school and are compulsory; GSSE English and Maths above grade 4 would be private entry e.g. if a student wanted to gain a grade 6.

What are the rules about lanyards?

All students will be provided with an ID Lanyard and they must be worn while engaged in school activity.

 If I don’t have any lessons, do I have to stay at school?

Students are expected to attend all timetabled sessions and activities. However, allocated periods of private study can either be taken at home or in school. 

We have the Sixth Form Common room, room 101 and the booths in the restaurant for students to use for studying. Students must sign the appropriate register in the Sixth Form Common room for health and safety reasons.

If a student leaves school during the school day, he/she must sign out at reception and sign in when coming back into school.

Can I bring a laptop/ipad into class to make notes on it?

Yes, you are encouraged to bring laptops into school to work and make notes to help progress your learning. We also have lockable charging stations for them in the sixth form common room.

What is the school’s policy on mobile phones?

Mobile phones must be placed on silent or turned off when you are in class. They must always be kept stored away (in pockets or bags) in lessons or in any working areas, unless otherwise instructed.

You may use your phones in the sixth form common room but you must not use your phone whilst walking in the corridors and around school as you are a role model to the younger students.

How do I apply for the Bursary?

Complete the form that is on the DPA website under Sixth Form: 16-19 Bursary 2021-22

Follow the instructions on the form and submit the completed form to Ms Shafi.

What does Enrichment involve?

Students will be offered the opportunity to choose an enrichment class to help prepare for adult life: such as personal finance, careers / cv writing, well-being such as Art and sports. There are two lessons. These will vary each year.

Students will be encouraged to take part in additional Enrichment opportunities which will be advertised on the Enrichment channel on the Year Teams. Each department has a super-curricular which is a document that records additional wider reading, opportunities and national competitions to take part in.

Can I take an EPQ and what is it?

An EPQ is an independent Level 3 qualification that is equivalent to half an A’ Level. Students choose an inquiry and undertake an investigation independently in discussion with their supervisor.

They will receive 30 hours of instruction before researching independently.

Students must produce a 5,000 work essay, presentation and complete a reflection review form. Most of the work will be completed independently and it is an opportunity to develop academic reading and writing.

Will I have the opportunity for Work Experience?

To be confirmed – dates and times.

Will I receive Careers Support?

Yes, you will be offered careers interviews with Advizor, a professional Careers organisation.

Are there Leadership opportunities?

Yes, you can apply to be a Lead Prefect which is our equivalent to a Head Girl or Head Boy and you can apply to be a Prefect.

There are a variety of roles such as Subject Fellow, Peer Mentor, Mental Health Champion, Parliamentary Prefect, Social Events Prefect. You may be asked to support students by subject teachers. Students can volunteer to lead Enrichment groups and lead assemblies.

Is PE compulsory in the Sixth Form?

No, you can opt to take a sports enrichment and you can opt to take part in sports House competitions but these are voluntary.

Are there Sixth Form sports teams?

There is a Sixth Form football team and a Sixth Form netball team for you to join and represent the school.

If you have any further questions please email Sixth Form Enquiries: