Ditton Park Academy Admission Appeals Timetable 2024

If you have listed the school as one of your preferences and you have not been allocated a place, you have the right to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. The deadline for the receipt of appeals for children starting school in September 2024 is 29th March 2023. The appeals will be heard 40 school days of the deadline.  Appeals will be accepted after this deadline, but they may not be heard with appeals submitted by the deadline.

‘In Year’ Appeals for current Year 7 and other Year Groups

Appeals should be submitted as soon as possible after a place has been refused and will be heard within 30 school days. 

The appeal form for Year 7 transfer and other Year groups can be downloaded below and when completed must be sent to the Clerk at the following address (please ensure that you affix the correct postage stamp).

The Clerk to the Appeal Panel

PO Box 3710

RG40 9RH

Please DO NOT send the appeal form to Ditton Park Academy as it must be sent to the Independent Clerk who is not based at the school.


Click on the link below for the appeals form:

DPA Admissions Appeals Form

Admissions Appeals Parent Guide/Information

Allocation Day (when detail of place is notified)

Friday 1 March 2024


*The Clerk must receive the appeal form by

Thursday 28 March 2024 

*Appeals will be accepted after this date but may be heard with any late application appeals.

Appeals submitted by 28 March 2024 will be heard by 18 June 2024.


Heard 42; Allowed 0; Refused 37