Ditton Park Academy – Staff List 

To contact any member of staff by email at the academy please do the following:

Leadership Team

Name   Job Title Qualification
Nick Caulfield Principal BEd (Hons), NPQH
Chris McNab Associate Principal BA/BSc, PGCE
Luke Cameron Senior Assistant Principal BA, PGCE  
Anna Dade Assistant Principal    
Matt Espley Business Manager/CFO BTEC HND
Karl  Fenn Senior Assistant Principal    
Lisa Healy-Norgate Senior Assistant Principal    
Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Principal    
Mundeep Purewal Assistant Principal    

Teaching Staff

Name   Job Title Dept Qualification
Ian White Lead Teacher - Maths Maths BSc, PGCE
Bethan Ballard 2 i/c Maths - Yrs 9 and 10 Maths Lead Maths BSc
Monika Garg 2 i/c Maths Yrs 7 and 8 Maths Lead Maths BSc, MSc
Leigh  McKay Class Teacher Maths BEd
Emmanuel Oboh Class Teacher Maths  
Mustafa Akhter Class Teacher Maths  
George Vardakis Class Teacher Maths BSC, PGCE
Laura Binnie Class Teacher Maths PGCE
Gemma  Cornford Faculty Lead English & Media English BA, PGCE
Lucy  Burton Class Teacher English  
Brad  Cividino Class Teacher & HoH English BEd, Hons
Alex  Harvey Class Teacher English  
Reena  Patel Class Teacher & T&L Coach English BA, PGCE
Taylor  Prichard Class Teacher English  
Nasar Bhunnoo Class Teacher English BA
Jasbir  Hayer Lead Teacher - Science Science BSc, PGCE
Sukhman Athwal Assistant Lead - Science Science - Biology  
Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Principal/Class Teacher Science  
Sugitha Surajie Assistant Lead - Science Science  
Jane Noronha Assistant Lead - Biology Science BSc, PGCE
Danai Xypolitou Class Teacher Science  
Richard Bromham Class Teacher Science BSc
Abigayle Roberts Class Teacher Science  
Jack Dean Class Teacher Science BSC, PGCE
Rupali Sarkar Class Teacher Science PGCE
Art & Technology        
Gillian Dawson Faculty Lead Art BA, PGCE
Mary  Bourne Lead Teacher Food Technology  
Ferhana  Mohamed Textiles DT  
Chandni  Pankhania Class Teacher Art  
Kam  Soor Lead Teacher DT  
Rachel  Wanford Lead Teacher Photography  
Holly Stroud Class Teacher DT  
Janey  Stevens Unq Teacher Art  
Eleanor  Grantham Lead Teacher - MFL Spanish  
Angelica-Rose  Fenner Class Teacher MFL  
Nikki Hill Class Teacher MFL  
Itziar Martinez Class Teacher MFL  
George Sotiropoulos Lead Teacher - Drama Drama  
Thomas Mutton Class Teacher Drama  
Lauren Williams Class Teacher & HoH PE MA, BSc, GTP
Jodie  Cain Class Teacher PE  
Patrick  Conlon Class Teacher PE/Lead PHSE/DofE BA, GTP
Drew Daly Class Teacher & HoH PE/HOH  
Matthew Wade Class Teacher PE  
Oliver Lavine Class Teacher PE BA, PGCE
Aaron Oliva Faculty Lead Humanities History  


Shimmons Lead Teacher - History History  
Kojo Owoahene Class Teacher History BSc, PGCE
Katie  Gilliam Lead Teacher - Geography Geography  


Towersey Class Teacher Geography  
Emily O'Carroll Class Teacher Geography BA, PGCE
Orla Fenn Lead Teacher - RE RE  
Business Studies        
Mahwish Khushi Lead Teacher - Business Studies Business Studies  
Babita Doal Class Teacher Business/ICT  
Monica Nayyar Class Teacher Business/ICT  
Computer Science        
Susan  Ndugutu Lead Teacher - Computer Studies Computer Studies  
Luke Cameron Senior Assistant Principal/Class Teacher    


Lockley Lead Teacher - Music Music PhD, MA, BA
Sixth Form        
Reetka Nagra Head of Sixth Form/Careers Careers  
Heather Bradbury Assistant Head of Sixth Form Sixth Form/Media BA Hons, PGCE
Resource Base/SENCo        


Contractor SENCo    


Brunton Lead Teacher, Psychology Psychology  

Administration Team

Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Sarah  Cuthbert PA to SLT & Admin (HR) SLT/Admin  
Razwana  Amin Admin Assistant Admin  
Ghazala  Baig Welfare and Wellbeing Manager Admin  
Raisa Tariq School Counsellor Support  
Marion  Cane Admin Assistant Admin  
Andy Dalgleish Family Support Worker Support  
Lois Fenn Librarian Admin  
Sian French Data Manager Support  
Tracy  Hayden Learning Mentor/Cover Support  
Sam  Holmes Admin Assistant Admin  
Mary Howarth Pastoral Mentor Support  
Sofia  Khuram Exams Officer and Admissions & Attendance Yr 11-13 Admin  
Mandeep Matharu Office Manager Admin  
Nabila Manik SEN Administrator Admin  
Maryam Shafi Pastoral Manager Yrs 11-13 Support  
Luciano Venturini Pastoral Manager Support  
Yasmin Vijayan Apprentice Admin Assistant Admin  
Zaineb Tassa Cover Supervisor Support  

Learning Support

Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Qurat Ahmad 2 i/c RB GTC Resource Base  
Aqsa Ahmed Teaching Assistant SEN  
Smitha Gururaj Teaching Assistant SEN  
Elisa Girle Assistant SENCo SEN  
Tyra Knight Teaching Assistant GTC Resource Base  


Sandher Lead EAL EAL BA
Laila  Shamte HLTA GTC Resource Base  
Shalini  Srivastva Teaching Assistant SEN  
Pooja Vaghela Teaching Assistant SEN  
Vakacharala Teaching Assistant SEN  
Henna Virdi 2 i/c RB GTC Resource Base  
Najad Muuse Teaching Assistant SEN  
Shailaja Saripalli Teaching Assistant SEN  
Kelly Juvilee Teaching Assistant SEN  
Matthew Stickley Teaching Assistant SEN  
Sydnee Burton Trainee Teaching Assistant SEN  


Name   Job Title Department Qualification


St Ledger DT Technician DT  
Damien Randall Senior Science Technician Science  


Mirza Science Technician Science  


Toor Creative Arts Technician Art  


Witkowska Food Technician DT  

ICT Network

Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Asma Shirazi ICT Lead - SASH ICT  
Azeem Awan ICT Technician - SASH ICT  
Alimah Ali ICT Apprentice - SASH ICT  
Mohammed Waqas ICT Technician - SASH ICT  


Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Sam Whitty Finance Manager SASH Trust CIMA
Rajinder Juttla Finance Assistant Finance  
Agnieszka  Tworkowska-Daniel Finance Assistant Finance  

Site Services/Facilities

Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Magdalena Bednarczyk Kitchen Assistant Site Services  
Jay  Burton Premises Team Leader Site Services  
Karen Eastmond Kitchen Assistant Site Services  
Murad Hakim Premises Site Services  
Bradley Hodgkinson Premises Team Site Services  
Peter Kowalski Assistant Chef Site Services  
Oliwia Kozub Kitchen Assistant Site Services  
Yvonne Mapara Kitchen Assistant Site Services  
Finbarr McCarthy Premises Team Site Services  
Elizabeta Singh Kitchen Assistant Site Services  
Raymond Villeret Restaurant Manager SASH Trust  

Human Resources

Name   Job Title Department Qualification
Carolyn Daniel HR Manager SASH Trust