Accelerated Reader & STAR testing

  • Takes place through English lessons (one lesson per fortnight) for Years 7-8.
  • Students tested three times a year
  • Those on urgent intervention/intervention have 1:1 reading with class teacher/librarian.
  • STAR tests completed for Y9-10 once this year in module 3.
  • Those who require urgent intervention/intervention given a 1:1 reading mentor/coach.

Academic Mentoring

Aim of the year following Covid, was to reintroduce reading strategies in AM and recap key areas covered in the 2019 TLCS.

Key areas related to reading covered in AM modules this year include:

  • Reading skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Non-fiction texts
  • High 5 strategy

Sixth form focus is for literacy for life; academic reading; developing oracy.

Curriculum – Disciplinary literacy

  • Literacy coaches (English Department) assigned to every subject area to provide coaching on improving different areas of literacy based on their feedback through the literacy in department survey.
  • Term three’s focus is also on how to use reading strategies and reading ages to inform lesson planning.

Interventions – guided 1:1 reading

  • LSAs and a group of Sixth Form students trained by Accelerated Reader Lead to support those who need 1:1 intervention
  • 1:1 reading sessions to focus on improving their reading habits and skills such as, comprehension skills, retrieval, inference, vocabulary and fluency.

SEND Literacy Interventions

  • Pre-teaching vocabulary support sessions for core subjects specific for the module taking place in Maths and Science targeting SEND students.
  • Catch up English sessions / small group teaching for SEND students.
  • SALT therapist guidance for students requiring further intervention.
  • Literacy interventions for SEND students.
  • HLTA trained to support phonics.


  • Librarian support in lessons
  • Author visits, house competitions and WBD events to create a culture of reading for pleasure
  • Transition of Y6 -7 Summer School: 1:1 daily reading
  • Sixth Form Literacy Leaders – 1:1 supporting students in Y11 and Y10 with their literacy skills
  • CPD literacy inset