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Ditton Park's Othello Praise

Othello by Ditton Park Academy, At The South Hill Park Arts Centre. Appraised by Roberta Zuric

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Ditton Park Academy for your fantastic production of Othello as part of the 2018 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a brilliant night of theatre, and I’d like to highlight just a few elements that really stood out. You ended a remarkable night with an energetic and vibrant Othello. From your epic opening sequence, we knew we were in for a powerful and physical version of this famous tragedy. The consistently engaging ensemble superbly created an electric atmosphere throughout as well as immersing us in infectiously fun dance sequences... all to a banging soundtrack! Including John's gorgeous renditions of those 90s classics.

The great vocal and detailed characterisations made us empathise with the doomed Othello and those around her, all manipulated by the scheming Iago. You had us in the palm of your hand when you said "make the net that shall enmesh them all"! Finally, a fabulous design and superb choreography made it a visual feat.

A special mention goes to Lauren and Harveen who stage managed it all brilliantly - well done! Congratulations on a stylish, energetic and powerful "Othello" from a generous and hard-working company. Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes courage, resilience, and imagination. You and your teachers should all be incredibly proud of what you have achieved.

I hope to see Ditton Park Academy in the Festival again next year!

Roberta Zuric