English Language

Dear DPA Sixth Form Applicant

We are pleased to see that you have an interest in English Language.  Please see below a welcome video from our Lead Teacher, Miss G Cornford.

This video gives you information about what you can expect to find in English Language at DPA Sixth Form, including information about the course, the classes, opportunities and transition work.

If you have any further questions about English Language please email via g.cornford@dittonparkacademy.co.uk

Course description


Would you like the opportunity to speak to a DPA Sixth Form subject teachers and leaders about this course?Are you curious to find out a bit more about how it runs, or to clarify something you have read or watched online? Or just to virtually meet the staff who would become your new teachers? Or perhaps ask questions of current students studying these courses at DPA Sixth Form? If so, then register on the link below for the online virtual meeting, which will take place on 1 December at 5pm - 6pm.