Parent Information Evening 2020

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our Parent Information evening on Thursday 10th September.  Please find below details of specific information relating to each year group which we hope you will find useful.

Year 7 and 8 Presentation

Year 9 and 10 Presentation

Year 11 Presentation

Year 12 Presentation

Year 13 Presentation



Extra-curricular clubs’ provision at Ditton Park

All subject areas run multiple extracurricular clubs for students before and after school and during break times. Information regarding these clubs can be found on school website under curriculum tab. ** clubs will start up again as soon as Government Guidelines allow schools to commence**

Communication with parents

Regarding common messages school will contact parents through email and schoolcomms, where necessary letters will be sent home. Individual messages are delivered through phone calls or letters or both. Parents also have several opportunities to meet and discuss their child(ren) progress with teachers during Parents Information Evening, Progress Review Days and Parents evening.


Ditton Park has a robust Pastoral System with four Head of Houses and a Head of Sixth Form supported by academic mentors (AM’s). Ditton Park operates a vertical tutor group system, Years 7 to 10, and 11to 13. This provides an opportunity for older students to act as role models and support/mentor younger students in all areas of school life.


We are proud of to have employed specialist teachers for all subject areas in a challenging time of teaching staff recruitment. Teachers are provided with necessary time to training to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as statutory training.


Students at Ditton Park use a range of methods to travel. School has a bike shed for students to park their bikes. Parents dropping their children to school are advised to drop students at Upton Court Car Park. We strongly recommend not to stop cars in front of the school on the Zig Zag lines in the interest of safety of students. Please do not park in the estate around the school. There is a zebra crossing in front of the school and one on Upton Court Road.

Support for parents

If parents need support regarding communication, they can request for a translation support. Ditton Park staff members speak range of different languages so they should be able to help in most cases. For help and support regarding SEND, PP, GTC students, mental health and wellbeing, please contact the office at or call 01753 537594 and they will direct you to the relevant department/people.

Curriculum and exam boards

Information regarding curriculum and exam boards can be found in curriculum tab on the school website. Further information regarding how parents can support their children with their academic progress please speak to your child's AM or subject teacher.

Progress review days

On progress review days, students come to school for a meeting with their AM (academic mentor), where their progress in all subjects over a period of time is discussed along with their home learning and commitment to learning grade. Students are set targets and mechanisms to support them to achieve the targets discussed. Students come for a 15 minute meeting, in full school uniform, after which they go home.

Parents evening

During parents evening, parents have an opportunity to meet subject teachers and discuss the progress of their child(ren). You will be allocated a slot between 4-5.30pm or 5-6.30 pm or 6.30 to 7pm. You will be allocated a place to sit with you child(ren) and subject teachers will come to you. All subject teachers will endeavour to see parents but if you couldn’t see any teacher due to any reason you can request a contact to be made by a specific staff member.