At Ditton Park Academy, we aim to make the exams experience as stress-free as possible. In order to increase familiarity and hopefully reduce anxiety, all learners from Year 7 onwards complete exams in formal settings.

We highly recommend that you read the information contained in this section in order to gain an understanding of the exams process and the relevant services available. Please do not hesitate to contact our exams officer should you need any help or advice.

We wish all the very best to those taking examinations over the coming months and look forward to celebrating their success in August.

Mrs S Khuram Examinations Officer – s.khuram@dittonparkacademy.co.uk

  1. Information about new GCSEs.

The government has recently carried out a series of reforms to GCSEs. The following documents will help you understand the changes.

Ofqual GCSE Reforms.pdf

GCSE Factsheet for Parents.pdf

New Grading System- revised.pdf


  1. Exams Information

Please read through the following documents which gives detailed information about examination process at Ditton Park Academy.

Examination Guidance to Parents and Students 2019-20

DPA- Exam Boards

Exams Contingency Arrangements


  1. JCQ Information to Candidates

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have published their guidance for students sitting examinations. All students must read these as failure to follow the rules and regulations they set out can result in disqualification.

If anyone has any questions regarding these documents, please speak to the Exams Officer for more information.

Information  for candidates - written exams- 2019-20

Information for candidates- Social Media- 2019-20

Information for candidates- coursework 2019-20

Information for candidates - NEA 2019-20

Information for candidates - onscreen tests 2019-20

Information for candidates - Privacy Notice - 2019-20


  1. 2019/20 Examination Timetables:


GCSE Examination timetable

Year 12 Examination timetable