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Careers Advice and Guidance at DPA

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme for Year 8 aims to ensure that all our students are supported to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to make successful educational and career choices.

Year 8 students have taken part in a day-long activity called Mosaic to get a taste of business events and ideas, based around running a company through playing a computer game. Year 10 students' from TLA have also spent time at DPA presenting in an assembly and visiting lessons to discuss why they made their choices.

Information is delivered through timetabled PSHE and Careers lessons, individual support through mentoring and a programme of careers events. Individual subject departments are also keen to relate their subject to the world of work regularly invite older students form other local schools, working parents and local employers into the classroom.

It is important that student look at varies options at GCSE and consider the possible paths that their choice can lead to. It is essential that students have broad range of subjects and focus on working towards a strong core in English, Maths and Science which will lead to a wide range of opportunities after GCSE. We highly recommend that students and parents look at the following websites for further help and support.

An excellent starting point for information about all aspects of careers.

National careers service

Give a range of jobs and training course at for different levels of qualifications and interests.

the big choice

Further information about careers in the local area can be found at, The Heathrow careers fair.

Heathrow jobs and careers fair

An excellent website that has been put together by a careers adviser called Susan Burke. Click on 'Career Resources' and then 'Parents and Guardians' to find links to other excellent careers websites.

susan burke careers

Information about courses after GCSE’s


Information about employers across a range of different careers and training courses. Some very informative videos.

careers box