Local Offer (SEN)

SEN Policy

At Ditton Park Academy we aim to provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment that will enable all students to develop to their full potential whilst also learning to respect others, their environment and to promote their self-esteem.


  • To identify students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities and ensure that their learning needs are met
  • To ensure that students with SEN and disabilities can enjoy full access to the building, our curriculum, and activities in school
  • To ensure that all learners including SEN students make the best possible progress
  • To ensure parents / carers are informed of their child’s special needs and that there is effective communication between parents / carers and school
  • To ensure that learners / learners’ families express their views and are fully involved in decisions which affect their education
  • To promote effective partnership and involve outside agencies when appropriate

At Ditton Park Academy we recognise that all teachers are teachers of students with Special Educational Needs.  All students are entitled to access our broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum with a focus on core areas of learning.

Therefore we aim to ensure that they are given the support necessary through differentiated work, ICT applications and appropriate individual or small group support. This will enable them to be fully included and to have access to all areas of the school life and also to prepare them for their future beyond Ditton Park Academy.

  1. Teaching & Learning

Provision for learners with SEN is the responsibility for the Academy as a whole. Every teacher has the responsibility to support students with SEN. This will be achieved through comprehensive planning of lessons, differentiated approaches to learning activities and effective use of aspirational target setting. The Academies SEN provision is underpinned by high quality teaching and all members of staff are responsible for ensuring that an individual’s SEN are identified, assessed and catered for.  

At Ditton Park Academy we will ensure that

  • All learners, including those with SEN, are fully aware of both their current levels of performance and appropriate target levels.
  • Decisions that are made concerning SEN are informed through effective communication with the learner and learners’ families / carers
  • Aspirational targets are always used
  • All provision is constantly evaluated and reviewed
  1. Identifying and Assessing SEN

Students and their families are key partners in identifying SEN and effective communication will be maintained. Referrals can be made by any member of staff or other professionals. When a referral is received relevant information will be collated including, teacher assessments, test results, attendance records and teacher reports.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) will then examine the information and meet with the student/family to assess the nature of the provision Student progress will be regularly monitored by the Academy and opportunities to identify individual student needs will be frequent.

  1. Planning & Reviewing SEN

Ditton Park Academy believes that a partnership approach is the best way to ensure progress of all learners. Students/Families will be actively involved in setting targets and evaluating progress within regular meetings with the SENCo. If a student has an Education Health Care Plan (EHC) plan the outcomes of the plan will be clearly evaluated and appropriate targets will be set.

The Academy will make effective use of external providers including; Educational Psychologist, Speech & Language Therapist and Health professionals. These groups will actively contribute to the planning, delivery and reviewing of EHC plans.

  1. Additional Support

The following support is available to all students at Ditton Park Academy

  • Differentiated Curriculum to allow all students to progress
  • Full time Teaching & learning Assistants (TLA’s) for classroom support to allow for personalised attention, when required, for specific students/specific groups of students.
  • Small group/Individual withdrawal to deliver a personalised curriculum where necessary
  • Use of Academic mentor system to allow progress to be continually monitored

Further support outside of the curriculum

  • SENCo and TLAs to work collaboratively with teaching staff to develop Scheme of Work (SOW) Teaching resources
  • SEN staff provide student withdrawals for tuition, counselling or skill development
  • Support will be provided for all students taking internal/external examinations (According to access arrangements of the relevant examination board where necessary)
  • Additional interventions to support the literacy skills of students below NC 3 in English in KS 2 SAT results.
  • Selected students may be offered appropriate off site opportunities for practical and vocational learning. This may be part time or full time
  1. Extra Activities

In addition to specific interventions we provide a varied programme of enrichment activities. Educational/learning opportunities are not limited to the classroom and a range of events/activities will be provided for students to extend their learning. A detailed list of activities is available on our website and all activities are available to all students with SEN.

  1. Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students with SEN

At Ditton Park Academy we recognise that the needs of the whole young person must be addressed in order for the student to achieve their potential. The high quality pastoral provision at the Academy, including Academic Mentors, Head of Year and student support staff, will provide additional support and interventions when needed. In addition to this we will also work effectively will local providers such as the Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Outreach Service

( SEBDOS) and a range of counsellors and therapists including CAHMS ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

In September 2017 we will be opening our Resource Base, which will cater for students with complex learning needs. These students will receive specific support, delivered by qualified staff, via an integrated curriculum.

The Academy Behaviour policy is available to view on the Academy website.

  1. Keeping up to date with knowledge and skills

In addition to accessing training programmes run by Slough LA, staff are supported to improve their own professional development in the area of SEN through sharing good practice. There are regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) sessions at which SEN issues are regularly covered. Regular meetings by the SEN team and regular peer observations, which will allow staff to share best practice, enable TLAs to share good practice and keep informed of new initiatives.

  1. Transition

The SENCo will be involved in the identification of any students with SEN prior to their arrival at Ditton Park Academy. As part of the transition from year 6 – 7, the transition team will directly liaise with all Primary schools to ensure that comprehensive information is shared between the two schools to provide effective provision which will allow the transition to be as successful as possible.

The SENCo will liaise with the Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance Co-coordinator (CEIAG) to ensure that students are given specific guidance on leaving the Academy to alternative colleges/Career paths.

  1. Useful Contacts

Ditton Park Academy

Ms A Gales


Slough SEN

Service for Children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD)

01753 787676

Parent Partnership

Independent and confidential advice to parents or carers of children who have special educational needs


Special Voices

A group of parents/carers of Children and Young people with SEN

07990 693 439