Hear from our Students

Hear below from some of our current students as the give you an insight into life at DPA Sixth Form

“After viewing multiple schools in the area I came to the conclusion that Ditton Park Academy would be the best place for me to grow as a person and to study the subjects I would like to pursue. I am thankful that by coming to DPA I have been able to study A-levels in subjects that I feel most passionate about, as most sixth forms I visited did not allow as much freedom for subject choices. I was particularly interested in Drama and that is what brought me here, this is because DPA has a very well facilitated drama department. One of my favourite things about this school is the community that has been built: the students are all supportive of one another, and teachers take pride in their pupils, it truly is a lovely environment. Everybody at DPA is welcoming and the teachers are always there to support students.”
Oliver Wilson, previously at Hershel Grammar, studying A-Levels in Drama, Maths and Physics


“I chose to come to DPA Sixth Form instead of going to college because I felt like I would be treated more like an adult. My progress in the last 5 years was good and I felt like staying with teachers that know me would be good for me as they know the best ways for me to learn. They are always available to help you if you need assistance with your work.” Alfie Whitby, studying Level 3 BTECs in Business, PE and Science


From our Lead Prefects: Top Tips to be successful at DPA Sixth Form:

"One tip is to not take on too much. It is very easy to say yes to so many opportunities in Sixth Form and lose track of your subjects" - Sydnee

"One tip I would suggest is to use your free studies wisely, in order to keep on top of the workload.  Perhaps setting small revision activities (they don;t have to be high intensity) before the study period.  This would ensure that you have direction, focus and motivation - as opposed to not knowing what to do and possibly wasting valuable time" - Nicole