As students who have applied to DPA Sixth Form, we have uploaded resources for you to support you in your successful transition to Key Stage 5 courses.

We are asking all applicants to complete the work for 4 of these course (3 top choices and 1 reserve) - the ones that you wish to study at DPA Sixth Form. Undertaking these transition tasks should help you in your discernment process, helping you to decide if you are truly interested in the course and if you have the potential to be successful in this subject.  The work will also help you to prepare for the course, by equipping you with the required baseline skills and knowledge you need, as well as the independent learning skills needed for Sixth Form more generally.

The work you submit will be checked for quality and quantity, and DPA Sixth Form teachers will be assessing it to check your suitability for the course.  As you will have read these are included in the Sixth Form entry criteria.

Work can either be submitted here

or via email to the Lead Teacher of the subject.  


Choose 4 subjects (3 top-choices plus 1 reserve) from the subjects on the left.

Upload transition work via the link or via email to the Lead Teacher.