Here is the list of subjects that we offer at DPA Sixth Form. Please take your time to watch the videos, look at the Prospectus pages and complete the transition work. We hope that you will find this informative and helpful as you make your choices about what courses to apply for at DPA Sixth Form.

Transition work for all applicants:

All applicants for September 2021 are to complete the Eton X course “Writing Skills” and the “Action Research” project. This is part of your transition to DPA Sixth Form, regardless of which course you are studying. Please see this work below.

To ask questions about the Action Research project or to submit a completed essay, please email Mrs Nagra

Year 12 Transition Task - Action Research

Eton X Writing Skills Course - Transition Work 

Submitting transition work:

If you are a current applicant for September 2021, you will find your transition tasks at the bottom of each page. Once complete, email this work directly to the subject teacher. The deadline for each is determined by the subject teacher, but will not be later than September 10th 2021. If you have questions about a subject’s transition task, please email the subject teacher directly. Email addresses can be found on the subject webpages


Art, Craft and Design


Business Studies


Drama and Theatre Studies


English Language

English Literature



Government and Politics


Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Media Studies



Product Design


Vocational Courses:

OCR Cambridge Technical IT

BTEC Level 3 Applied Science

BTEC Level 3 Extended Certification in Sport

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Business Studies