Ethos & Values

Our vision for Ditton Park Academy is that it is a forward-thinking excellent academy inspiring learning. It develops confident young people, who excel in their educational, personal and social development, achieving more than they believed possible.

All of our students are “active citizens”. They are encouraged and given the confidence to participate in decision making, providing support and/or creative input across the three areas of family well-being, public service and economic sufficiency. Through this, we develop self-confident and responsible students who contribute to the local community of Slough.

An expectation that lifelong learning not only underpins success in adult life but that it will be a necessity in order to actively participate in the future economic world underpins the culture and curriculum of the academy.

Our academy strapline ‘Our Future lies in the Present’ encourages everyone to set goals and have high aspirations whilst having the conversations and making the effort now. Not being afraid to make a mistake so that we can learn from each other and put in the appropriate support is encouraged.

The academy provides excellent teaching and learning opportunities that ensures the achievement and success of the students that enables them to move on with confidence into work, further training or higher education.

We provide an inclusive learning environment where all learners are welcome and able to succeed. Learning pathways are tailored to suit the interests and aptitudes of individual students. A personalised approach to planning the curriculum ensures that teaching and learning is differentiated in a way that maximises each student’s attainment and achievement.

SASH (Self-Worth Aspire Success Honesty) underpins our rewards system ensuring that students who apply themselves to being better at something today is recognised, celebrated and rewarded.

We recognise the need for all learners to have the skills to be able to adapt to and use fast-changing global technologies that will be relevant to their future employment.


Nick Caulfield